Season 3: Chapter Sixty-Five

I had this epiphany that Shakespeare was the first rapper!

Aired: Monday, May 5, 2003

Rating: 5.2/8


Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Mike Listo

Also starring Cara DeLizia as Marcie Kendall

Guest starring
Tamyra Gray as Aisha Clemens
Missy Yager as Claire Ellison
Kate Norby as Joannie Hanson
GQ as Darryl
Method Man as Flash Master K
Lyrica Woodruff as Allison Hanson
Jessica Ferrarone as DeAngelo
Tania Gunadi
David Conrad as Dave Fields

Special musical appearance by Lifehouse

Rap lyrics specially written by GQ

Edwin Morrow as Duane
Blair Wingo as Nancy
Scott Reitz as detective #1
Larry Blouin as homeless man
Brad Wilson as Sonny
J A Q as the beat boxer
Ken Reichling as detective #2