Season 3: Chapter Sixty-Four

Mr. Fischer, I don't know if you're aware what a steaming pile of crap you're sitting in. Let me try to explain it to you in official bureaucratic language. You're sitting in a steaming pile of crap!

Aired: Monday, April 28, 2003

Rating: 4.9/8


Written by Constance M. Burge & Kerry Ehrin & Liz Heldens & Jason Katims
Directed by Michael Shultz

Also starring Cara DeLizia as Marcie Kendall

Guest starring
Tamyra Gray as Aisha Clemens
Missy Yager as Claire Ellison
Kate Norby as Joannie Hanson
Lyrica Woodruff as Allison Hanson
Rolonda Watts as Monica Clemens
Phillip Van Dyke as Brian Harrower
David Conrad as Dave Fields
Jeris Lee Poindexter as Eddie Clemens
Ricky Ostendi as Matt
Chryssie Whitehead as Grace
Jo McGinley as Emily Mulbern
Joshua Gordon as Jim Mulbern
Brad Wilson as Sonny

The song that Aisha's father wrote is actually a biographical song by Luther Vandross called "Dance with my Father," and will be released in June, 2003.