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#45 Chapter Forty-Five: Aired Monday, October 21, 2002

Two new young teachers, who were recently Winslow students themselves, join the staff: Zach Fischer and Colin Flynn. Harry is suffering from post-traumatic stress, but refuses to admit it, and instead takes out his frustration on his new girlfriend, Ronnie. Harry finds out that one of his students, Trina, is hooking, and calls in her father to discuss. Her father promises that he'll make sure Trina stops hooking and stops missing school, but later Harry finds Trina in a hotel room with a stranger... and it turns out that her father is her pimp. Marla finds a baby in a toilet in the girls' bathroom that turns out to belong to a student, Amy, who gave birth and then ran away. Marla, to help Amy, doesn't tell the police that the baby was actually in the toilet, but Danny says that Marla shouldn't be judge and jury and reports the oversight. When Amy is arrested, Marla gives Danny a piece of her mind. Marcie Kendall has replaced Louisa as Steven's assistant, even though she's still a student, and is torn between doing her job and feeling like she's reporting on her fellow students. Some activist students decide to plan a walk-out to protest lack of funding for the school that causes bad facilities and large class-sizes. Scott tries to get the athletes of the school to go against the activist students, telling them that if the activists get their way, money will be taken away from athletics. The walk-out turns into an all-out riot in the hallways of Winslow High.

#46 Chapter Forty-Six: Aired Monday, October 28, 2002

An undercover cops busts a kid dealing drugs, but Scott comes to the kid's defense when it becomes clear that the kid was entrapped and the cops were actually after another kid with a similar name. Scott, feeling good about actually helping a kid, is quickly brought down from his high when a student investigation reveals that it might have been the vice-principal's actions that prompted last week's student riot. Ronnie, who has a student point out to her that she seems unhappy, goes out for some fun with Marylin and "the kids," Zach and Colin. They get drunk and sing karaoke and Ronnie realizes that Harry's moodiness is starting to get to her. Harry, meanwhile, is trying to save teen prostitute Trina from her pimp father after learning that Trina also has a two-year-old son. He only accomplishes getting Trina's father locked up and prompting Trina to kidnap her own son from Social Services and run away. Zach insults Mrs. Parks when she criticizes his teaching physics, but later encourages the woman to teach mechanics when he learns that she not only drives a bus, but can build one too. Issues escalate when Danny decides to file a formal grievance against Marla calling her a racist.

#47 Chapter Forty-Seven: Aired Monday, November 4, 2002

Harry takes off to Florida for a week with barely a word to Ronnie, and she tries to cover for him at school. Zach asks Ronnie out on a date to a movie, and she goes, feeling guilty but wanting to have fun in her life. They share a chaste kiss goodnight despite her better judgement. Zach finds a creative way to convince one of his students not to drag race. The new superintendent of schools wants to suspend Scott for a week for his role in the riot, but Steven defends his vice-principal. Marla pretends to be attracted to Danny to get him to drop the complaint against her, which he does, but then he pretends to be attracted back to mess with her. Harvey tries to sell homicide insurance to the other teachers.

#48 Chapter Forty-Eight: Aired Monday, November 11, 2002

Scott finds out that the senior study room in the basement is being used as a rentable sex room. He finds the student responsible, Henry Frears, and creates a mock trial, with a jury of his student peers, to decide Henry's punishment. Zach continues to pursue Ronnie, but Ronnie blows him off. Trina reappears with her son and a black eye and asks Harry for help. Harry asks Ronnie to put Trina up, but Ronnie refuses. Harry lets Trina stay with him and lies to Social Services that he doesn't know where she is. Trina tries to thank Harry for his help the only way she knows how, but Harry freaks out when she climbs into bed with him. She leaves, and won't tell Harry where she's going. Harry loses it and Ronnie finds him at home, on the floor, babbling. She calls an ambulance. Danny continues to torture Marla, and she starts to actually believe him. They plan a date, but then Marla finds out Danny is messing with her, and they end up in a fist fight. They finally make peace, and realize they might actually be able to be friends.

#49 Chapter Forty-Nine: Aired Monday, November 18, 2002

Marylin is frustrated when a violin virtuoso in her orchestra, Asa, is hindered by his father who forces him to work after school. She calls in Asa's father to speak to him, and finds out that he himself used to be a blues pianist, but is now close to penniless due to following his dreams, and he's trying to prevent Asa from suffering the same fate. Marylin turns to Scott for help, and while Scott initially tells Marylin to drop it, when he hears Asa play he is moved. Scott goes to Asa's dad and tells him that he'll pay Asa to help him with filing after school. When Asa shows up for his first day's work, he is surprised to find out that he is helping Scott by playing his violin while Scott files. A new teacher, Kimberly Woods, has a rough first day, but manages to one-up her kids after they trick her into letting them out of class. Harry loses it with his kids and calls them stupid, and then scares Ronnie by getting violent in bed. When Steven asks Ronnie what she thinks, she says she's doesn't think Harry is fit to teach, and Steven reluctantly fires his favorite teacher. Harry is upset, but handles it gracefully. He asks Ronnie to take over his class and decides to go to Florida.

#50 Chapter Fifty: Aired Monday, November 25, 2002

It's time for teacher peer reviews, and Harvey gets hands-on with his review of Colin and tries to tell him how to teach. Harvey later busts Colin doing an imitation of him to get his students to laugh. Ronnie reviews Zach, and to mess with her up he tells her he's not interested in her romantically. Ronnie gives him a kiss to prove otherwise and then won't talk about it, just to mess with him back. Zach dissects a human corpse in class, and when Scott finds out, he tells Zach to get rid of it. Unfortunately, Zach's students steal the corpse and use it to play a prank on Scott. Kimberly sparks a fight in her classroom when she brings up affirmative action as a subject for discussion. Kimberly, against Steven's advice, tries to help the racist student that started the fight by tutoring him, but she quickly realizes that his opinions are too ingrained to be changed by her, and she's almost attacked for her trouble. The student ends up being suspended, and when the student's racist father confronts Steven about it with the business end of a coat rack, Steven's self-defense lands the father in the hospital in a coma. Steven is arrested for assualt with a deadly weapon.

#51 Chapter Fifty-One: Aired Monday, December 2, 2002

Scott tries to keep things together at Winslow while Steven is in jail and then on trial. Steven is accused of voluntary manslaughter when Patrick McCain, who was in a coma, dies. Steven's lawyer negotiates a plea bargain for involuntary manslaughter, but Steven refuses to take it because he knows he's innocent of any wrong-doing. Kimberly suspects Thomas knows more than he saying, so Ronnie talks to the boy and finds out that his dad had a mild heart attack three weeks earlier and never went to the doctor. After a more thorough autopsy, it's disovered that Patrick died of a heart attack, and the charges are dropped against Steven. Danny tries to help a boy who seems to have a death wish, and is horrified to discover that the boy is being molested by the same priest who molested Danny many years ago. Harvey is depressed when his wallet is stolen by an old student that he thought he had helped into a better life. To cheer him up, Colin hunts down more of Harvey's old students that are now successful to show Harvey what he's accomplished. Ronnie and Zach try to feel out where their relationship is, but Ronnie is distracted by Steven's trial. Kimberly tells Ronnie she could be interested in Zach after Ronnie denies that there's anything going on with him.

#52 Chapter Fifty-Two: Aired Monday, December 16, 2002

Steven tries to hide his sadness when Brooke plans to spend Christmas skiing with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend. Luckily, Brooke reconsiders at the last moment and stays in Boston to be with her father. Harvey needs a prod from Steven when his black son invites him to spend Christmas with his family. Ronnie and Zach decide they should have sex, but have trouble finding an opportunity. They finally get locked in the Winslow boiler room together and end up making use of the old senior sex room. Kimberly rubs Marla the wrong way during the holidays, but they finally make peace when Marla admits she's jealous of Kimberly's rich home life. Scott and Marylin end up in the same dance class and begin to forge a fragile friendship on the fact that they're good dance partners. Danny starts to melt down from memories of Father Egan molesting him, but when Joe Coolidge, who's still in the hospital, tries to commit suicide, Danny decides to go to the police with a written statement detailing his own childhood abuse.

#53 Chapter Fifty-Three: Aired Monday, January 6, 2003

Scott questions Marcie on her mood and truancy lately, and she bursts out that she's pregnant. At first, Scott bungles dealing with the news, reporting it to Marcie's parents and accidentally telling her ex-boyfriend who was in the dark. However, he finally comes through and give Marcie and calm counsel that she needs. Kimberly comes close to being hit in a gang shooting when she's outside talking to one of her students. Kimberly urges her student, Ariana, to speak out against gang life in the eulogy for her dead friend, and when Ariana finally does so she gets beat up by her "sisters" for her trouble. Zack and Ronnie realize they're starting to have real feelings for each other, and Ronnie reminds him that they can't last forever because of the 12-year difference in their ages. One of Ronnie's rich corporate friends, Claire, comes in to school to speak about her career and develops a crush on Danny. They enjoy a fun night together, but when Danny raves about Claire the next day Ronnie warns him that Claire might only be looking for a fling. Danny breaks things off, but later takes some advice from Steven and, with a little honesty, gives the relationship a shot.

#54 Chapter Fifty-Four: Aired Monday, January 13, 2003

Winslow gets a new student, a star basketball player named Russell who is not only Marylin's second cousin, but is also dating Brooke Harper. The student's old basketball coach accuses Winslow's new coach, Derek Williams, of illegally recruiting Russell. Derek and Russell deny the charges, but when Derek goes out on a date with Marylin, he can't help but admit the truth. Marylin tells Scott, who has a crush on her from dance class, that she let Russell use her address, and he doesn't actually live in Winslow's district. Russell gets sent back to his old high school, but Harper finds a loophole in which Russell can come back to Winslow because his old school is subpar. Colin finds himself tutoring one of his daft students because her mother insists she must have a gift for poetry because she is a descendent of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Colin quits when he starts to develop a crush on his student's sexy and learned mother, Patricia Emerson, and feels like she may be interested in him too. Colin admits why he quit, and Mrs. Emerson tells him he's way off base, but when he stops by later to apologize, she takes him to bed. Kimberly turns to Zach for help when she realizes one of their students is bidding online for a girl's virginity. The student, Harlan, doesn't see what's wrong about it, and ends up winning the auction. At the last minute, the girl, Lindsay, can't go through with it. She returns his money and they end up going out on a normal first date.

#55 Chapter Fifty-Five: Aired Monday, January 20, 2003

Colin realizes that his lover's daughter, Becky, has a serious crush on him, and Patricia tells Colin that she's not divorced as he had assumed. After Colin has a disastrous dinner with the whole warped family, Becky hears her parents fighting and figures out that her mother is having an affair with her teacher. Colin tries to convince Becky that she's got it all wrong, but Becky overhears a phone conversation between Colin and her mother where Colin tries to break off the affair. A college recruiter from SKU comes to check out Russell, and Coach Derek tries to manipulate the situation to get himself a job at SKU at the same time. The recruiter sneaks and illegal gift to Russell, who shows it to his girfriend, Brooke. Brooke, who thinks Derek knows about the, talks to Derek about it, and Russell gets upset because she busted him. Derek uses the illegal gift as more leverage to get himself a job, while Brooke is left under the impression that he's going to report Russell to her father, Steven. Scott tries to figure out a way that Marcie can stay in Winslow while she's pregnant even though the school has a "you show, you go" policy. Scott helps to engineer a reconciliation between Marcie and her ex-boyfriend, Brian, who finally declares his support no matter what she decides to do about the pregnancy. Ronnie, with an assist from Danny, helps one of her students who is an illegal immigrant and is basically being held in slavery to pay off her dead father's debts.

#56 Chapter Fifty-Six: Aired Monday, February 3, 2003

Russell is getting advice from Marylin, Coach Williams, and Steven, and feels pulled in too many different directions. Even though they're broken up, Brooke advises him to be honest with her father, and to be careful that Coach Williams isn't making a deal for himself. In the meantime, Coach Williams continues to charm Marylin, and finalizes the deal to coach at SKU if he brings Russell with him. Russell gets a tempting offer from Yale, and decides to take it when he finds out that Coach Williams made a deal for himself. Steven busts Coach Williams and asks for his resignation. Scott is inconsolable when he finds out that his star debate team student stole money from him to gamble on school grounds. He is ready to expell the student and wash his hands of him, when some kind words from Steven spur him to instead help the student get rid of his gambling debt and enter Gamblers Anonymous. Colin's affair has turned dangerous when he fears repercussions from Patricia's armed husband and Becky threatens to expose him to the entire school. After days of torture, Patricia and her husband finally reconcile and Becky makes a last-minute decision not use Mr. Flynn's name in a public poem about her mother's affair.

#57 Chapter Fifty-Seven: Aired Monday, February 10, 2003

Kimberly finds herself in the unlikely situation of being an object of one of her female student's obsession. Kimberly handles the situation as best she can, turning to Ronnie and then Steven for help. After the student trashes Kimberly's apartment, Steven transfers Kimberly to another school for her own safety. Scott's mom comes to visit, worried that he's unhappy and unmarried, and pushes his buttons the way she always does, making him miserable. After some wise words from Harvey, who has more than just a friendly interest in Mama Guber, Scott's mother realizes that maybe Scott would be better off if she left him alone. In the meantime, Scott has taken his mother's advice, but not exactly the way she meant it: he has decided to take a risk and let Marylin look at the minuet he's been writing. Zach gets tired of Ronnie hiding their relationship and breaks up with her, but on Valentine's Day Ronnie decides to go public and they happily reconcile. Claire gets Danny an expensive watch for Valentine's Day and is miffed when he sells it for cash, but she's more understanding when she realizes that he sold it to get her something pretty for Valentine's Day.

#58 Chapter Fifty-Eight: Aired Monday, February 24, 2003

After a gay kid at school gets severely beaten in the parking lot, Scott partly blames himself for stirring things up. Scott starts a Gay-Straight Alliance at Winslow. After a first poorly attended meeting, and the requisite outrage from parents, Scott goes to speak personally to each class. The second Gay-Straight Alliance meeting is much more successful, and the witness to kid's beating finally feels comfortable enough to talk to the police. With a nudge from her father, Brooke befriends Riley, a 12-year-old genius who attends Winslow. Riley watches the boy that she has a crush on start paying more attention to Brooke, while Brooke just uses him to make Russell jealous. Riley is too smart for her own good. Marylin finds a shy student, Aisha, singing to herself in the senior study room, and urges the girl to audition for the lead in the school musical. After freezing up during her first audition, Aisha take Marylin's advice on how to make herself more comfortable and blows everyone away with her rendition of "I Will Always Love You."

#59 Chapter Fifty-Nine: Aired Monday, March 10, 200

When Aisha doesn't perform well in rehearsals, Marla threatens to replace her, but Marylin defends her prodigy and practices with Aisha until even Marla is impressed. Unfortunately, Aisha's boyfriend J.T. doesn't like her spending so much time away from him and pretending to be in love with another guy, even if it's on stage. At first, Aisha refuses to quit when J.T. asks her to, but after they fight and make up, Aisha tells Marylin she's done with being on stage. The Mayor's office sends a consultant, Dave Fields, to helpf fix what's wrong with Winslow. Steven originally mistrusts the slick guy, but when Fields offers Steven the opportunity to promote one of his teachers to have another assistant principal, Steven jumps at the chance. Steven suggests Marla for the job, while Fields secretly has Ronnie in mind for the position. When Becky and Riley, as reporters for the school TV station, tape two teachers having an adulterous affair in a classroom, Danny lets them decide on their own whether or not to air the scandelous story. The two girls end up deciding to take the high road... sort of.

#60 Chapter Sixty: Aired Monday, March 17, 2003

Danny's drug-addicted sister declares that she's going into rehab, and drops off her four-year-old daughter, Allison, with her unprepared brother. Allison brings out Claire's motherly side, while Danny tries hard not to get attached since he's been disappointed by his sister for so many years. Danny decides to drop off Allison with a relative on her dead-beat dad's side of the family, but at the last minute can't bring himself to do it and decides to take care of her himself. When Aisha's understudy for the school musical has to leave town, Marylin and Marla convince Aisha to take back her part. J.T. gets a job working on the sets to be closer to Aisha, and Marylin notices how controlling and jealous he is. Marylin urges Aisha to stand up for herself, and after J.T. causes a scene during rehearsal due to jealousy, Aisha chases him outside and angrily breaks up with him. He slaps her across the face. Ronnie becomes the other nominee for the assistant principal job. Marla performs poorly in her interview. Ronnie says she doesn't want the job, but Dave Fields encourages her, telling her she'd be great, so she gives it her all during the interview, and even Steven has to admit that she'd be better in the position. Ronnie becomes the new assistant principal.

#61 Chapter Sixty-One: Aired Monday, March 24, 2003

Danny and Claire both find themselves becoming attached to Allison. Danny tries to be optimistic about when his sister gets out of rehab, and decides that he can keep an eye on both her and Allison in Boston. However, when Danny and Claire visit Joannie in rehab, they find out she's getting back together with Allison's dead-beat dad and moving to San Diego. Harvey has to take a test to be re-certified as a teacher and finds out that his retirement nest-egg has been lost in the failing stock market. Ronnie gets resistance from both the teachers and Scott in her new role as assistant principal. Dave Fields tells Ronnie he's interested in her more than just professionally, and Scott finally comes to his senses and makes peace with Ronnie, moving her into a real office instead of sticking her in the supply closet adjacent to his office. J.T. proposes to Aisha, and Marylin is horrified, realizing that Aisha's bruises on her face are due to J.T. Maryline opens up to Steven about her own past as a beaten woman, and Steven pulls J.T. aside to talk some sense into him. Aisha accepts J.T. proposal, and on the musical's opening night, Marylin tries once more to talk some sense into the girl. Aisha breaks things off with J.T. all together, and give an incredible performance on stage.

#62 Chapter Sixty-Two: Aired Monday, March 31, 2003

Two Winslow students are arrested for murder after they pay two homeless men to fight each other and one of the men dies. Ronnie gets sucked back into being a defense attorney, and relishes being back in the court room. She not only gets the charges reduced for the two boys, but she's offered a job as a lawyer again. Ronnie decides that she's a teacher now, and stays at Winslow. Danny and Claire throw a birthday party for Allison and invite Joannie to attend. Claire gets a little carried away and the party becomes a costume party with cotton candy, magicians, and ponies, held at Claire's parents' house in the suburbs. Joannie is furious that some other woman is giving Allison all of this magic and takes her daughter away in the middle of the party. Marla and Scott set up a sting operation to bust students cheating in Marla's class, and find that the students are being helped by a midget (sorry – little person) hidden in a locker. The midget, Taylor, an ex-teacher himself, apologizes to Marla and asks her out to dinner.

#63 Chapter Sixty-Three: Aired Monday, April 7, 2003

An awkward and nervous boy, William, runs for Student Council President, and Danny originally encourages him. But when William's mother worries about her son getting humiliated during the race, Danny realizes he might be encouraging William into something that would hurt him. William stands strong, even when popular blonde Becky Emerson decides to run against him with young genius Riley behind her. Surprisingly, it's Becky's kind encouragement that gives William the nerve to give the election speech of a lifetime, earning him a standing ovation from his peers. Winslow scores high on its standardized testing, and Ronnie gets most of the credit for her plan to teach to the test. Scott, jealous of Ronnie, decides to take over the dungeon, since the kids have lost their regular teacher and had their normal studies neglected in favor of a standardized test. Zach feels that Ronnie, who is being interviewed on TV and by newspapers, is pulling away and spending more and more time with Dave Fields. Dave tries to kiss Ronnie, and while she admits she's attracted to him, she says that she's with Zach. Zach loses his temper when Dave tells him that he put the moves on Ronnie, and hits Dave twice in the face in the middle of the school hallway. Marla goes out on some dates with Taylor, the little person. She is fascinated by his sense of humor and ideas about school reform, but realizes that she's not attracted to him and not ready to have a serious relationship with someone who gets stared at on the street.

#64 Chapter Sixty-Four: Aired Monday, April 28, 2003

Aisha's alcoholic father dies and leaves her sheet music that he wrote. Aisha finally puts aside the hurt he caused her and remembers the love. With help from Marylin, she sets words to the music and sings it at his funeral. Joannie leaves Allison with Danny while she has a job interview, but tells Danny she doesn't want Claire hanging out with her daughter. Danny finds drugs in Joannie's apartment and Claire urges him to consider filing for custody. After a confrontation with his drugged-out sister, Danny takes Claire's advice. Ronnie and Zach's relationship is in tatters, but she still tries to get him to apologize to Dave Fields to save his job. Zach, who has found Buddhism, refuses to apologize since he feels no remorse, but Steven convinces him to put aside his pride. Dave continues to pursue Ronnie, who says she need some time on her own for awhile. Marcie's class assignment to take care of a baby makes her terrified of her own impending motherhood. Ronnie and Scott work together to comfort Marcie, and help, without pushing her, to start the adoption process.

#65 Chapter Sixty-Five: Aired Monday, May 5, 2003

Scott finally feels like he's reaching the students in the Dungeon when he gets them to express their feelings about Shakespeare with rap. Ronnie takes over Scott's number crunching duties when Dave Fields hands over a severely slashed school budget. Scott is horrified with some of the cuts that Ronnie suggests, including firing Harvey, Zach, Colin, and Marla, and discontinuing the Dungeon. When Scott's most promising rap-student is killed in a shooting, Scott decides he needs some time off and says he'll help out the budget crunch by resigning. Against her better judgment, Marylin helps Aisha sign a deal with a skeevy record producer, but she makes sure that the teen has an iron-clad contract examined by Ronnie. After Joannie gets arrested for purchasing drugs, Danny makes another legal inquiry into getting custody of Allison, and his lawyer recommends he and Claire get married. Danny proposes to Claire, but after an initial misunderstanding, he makes it clear that their marriage will be fake and will be just for Allison. Claire chokes back her emotion and says that she cares for Allison enough to do that for her. After Danny thinks about it for awhile, he gives Claire a ring and proposes to her for real. Claire worries that she guilted him into it until he shows her the receipt for the ring. He bought it two months earlier.

#66 Chapter Sixty-Six: Aired Monday, May 12, 2003

Danny has lunch with Claire's dad to ask for his blessing and finds out from him that Claire has been engaged twice before. This revelation makes Danny question the marriage, but after a night of honesty, Danny realizes that he's just as spontaneous as Claire, and they go through with the impromptu courthouse wedding. Scott comes back to work at Steven's insistence, and he and Ronnie struggle to work together on the budget. Ronnie uses her wiles with Dave Fields to finagle Steven an invitation to a formal event where he can ambush the mayor in the bathroom, but Steven is unable to accomplish anything. Scott comes up with the brilliant idea of cutting all funding for varsity sports, and Steven happily goes along with it. Steven challenges others to protect sports, because he has done his job and protected academics. Whitney Houston is in Boston on business, and William, who is a huge fan of hers, has invited her to the Winslow High prom as his date. William thinks Whitney has accepted his proposition, but it turns out to be a prank by the other kids. Marla tracks down Whitney at a local radio station and personally delivers William's letter, and to her surprise, the superstar shows up. Aisha, who was scheduled to sing at the prom, hands the microphone over to Whitney. Steven tells Scott that Brooke got into Harvard.

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