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#1 Chapter One: Aired Monday, October 23, 2000

A student, Jason Harrelson, fights to be able to play football even though he's failing two courses. A bully, Malcolm White, puts a smaller kid, Anthony Ward, in the hospital. Marla walks out on her job when teaching "The Dungeon" is too much for her. Harry, against his will, takes over the class and ends up pulling a gun on the students. It turns out Marla stopped taking her medication. Lauren is worried that Harvey is losing it when Harvey, amongst other things, freaks out when one of his students, Dana Poole, doesn't wear a bra to school. Harry is having an affair with Dana Poole and she blackmails him to let Jason Harrelson play. A student named Sheryl runs a successful web site that makes fun of teachers and publicizes their private lives. Scott asks Lauren out on a date and she is surprized into saying yes, but then he backs out when he reads on Sheryl's web site that Lauren doesn't really want to go. The superintendant wants a meeting with Steven about all the stuff that's been going on.

#2 Chapter Two: Aired Monday, October 30, 2000

The school superintendant pays Steven a visit and tells him he needs to come to next week's school board meeting to defend his recent actions. Sheryl's web site continues to cause consternation amongst the faculty until it gets shut down by a mysterious virus. Harvey intimates to Sheryl that his grand-daughter had something to do with the virus. All the female students decide to stand strong with Dana Poole and remove their bras. When Scott talks to Dana Poole about the situation he busts her for smoking pot and expells her. Dana again blackmails Harry and Harry manages to talk Scott into lowering her sentence, but he insists to Dana that this is that last time and admits to Milton and Kevin what's going on. Lauren refuses to be fingerprinted. Steven decides to put the two slightly unstable teachers together, and Marla and Harvey find themselves sharing a history class. A smidgen of sexual tension grows between Lauren and Harry.

#3 Chapter Three: Aired Monday, November 6, 2000

Harper gears up for a school board meeting at which he may be fired. The school superintendant visits the school and is horrified to find Lauren teaching her students about how some Native Americans were cannibals. Harry Senate reaches out to a student, Jamaal, and inspires him to read by taking him to visit a morgue. Harry admits his indiscretion with Dana Poole and Scott sends Dana to see the guidance counselor. Kevin deals with the football team no longer wanting to shower with a certain linebacker due to fears that he's gay. Harvey tries to intercede with the football team, but only makes things worse. Harper finds out that the entire soccer team has been conspiring to cheat on tests and then torturing the student that busted them. At the school board meeting, Marla grandstands teaching, Harper defends his decision not to let Marla or Harry go, and the teachers stand behind their principal, saying they'll resign if he's fired.

#4 Chapter Four: Aired Monday, November 13, 2000

A political scandal is exposed when the faculty figures out that a female student offered oral sex to a male student to get him to drop out of the school presidential race. An honor student, who admits to Lauren that he's in love with her, goes berserk and commits suicide after Harper decides not to recommend him for an award due to the fact that he knew classmates were cheating and didn't turn them in. Lipshultz finds out that the cheering he's gotten during his song for the annual charity show for the last twenty years is a running joke among generations of students. Louisa asks Milton out on a date. Marilyn and Marla ambush Scott with a musical number when presenting the check at the charity show.

#5 Chapter Five: Aired Monday, November 20, 2000

Senior guys are scoring points with each other by sleeping with freshman girls. A freshman girl approaches Lauren for contraception advice and Lauren finds herself preaching abstinence. Lipschultz finds himself telling the student body about his late wife's infidelity while speaking to them about reponsible sex. Jason Harrelson, defending his friend, Anthony Ward, breaks Malcolm White's arm in a fight using the martial arts move that Steven taught Anthony. Lauren hosts Thanksgiving for the teachers at her house. Scott admits to Steven that he's in love with Lauren. Louisa and Milton share a kiss.

#6 Chapter Six: Aired Monday, November 27, 2000

A beloved math teacher's sudden death sparks a wave of illegal school prayer, and an investigation into his possible affair with a student. It turns out that the teacher was delusional and kept a journal of imagined events with a student with whom he was obsessed. Steven also has trouble saying goodbye to his good friend. A student spits in Lauren's face and she wants him expelled. Harry and Lauren share a kiss. Scott fires an elderly English teacher who paddles her students as a kind of fetish.

#7 Chapter Seven: Aired Monday, December 4, 2000

Harper suspends Sheryl when she put a cartoon up of Harvey picking black students out of his enlarged nose. Sheryl retaliates by suing and posting a video of newbie couple Harry and Lauren kissing. Marlene Walsh sues to get her job back and Harvey has to testify in court. Scott's brother George represents the school in court and the school loses both cases miserably. Sheryl Holt and Marlene Walsh return to school with cheers from the students. Scott dates a sexually aggressive woman, but when he finds out that his brother paid her for her "services" he tells his brother he never wants to see him again. Scott gets depressed. Harry Senate agrees to be the faculty sponsor for a student branch of the NRA and then uses his position to undermine the group. Lauren gets hit in the eye with a flying breast implant, and Marilyn talks to the sixteen-year-old student who is considering getting them implanted. Sandra Henderson accuses Lauren of being racist. A rash of streaking has hit the school.

#8 Chapter Eight: Aired Monday, December 11, 2000

A student slips ecstasy into Harvey's coffee, landing him in the hospital and prompting a crackdown on drugs at the school. Using drug-sniffing dogs and policemen, Steven and Scott discover not only is Jamaal keeping body parts in his locker (he's been borrowing them from work at the morgue), but a student has a full pharmaceutical in his locker and has been selling everything from street drugs to RU-486, the abortion pill. When Juan Figgis's mother is busted for drugs, Harry follows the letter of the law and reports to social services that there is no parent at the home. Harry feels responsible for splitting up Juan and his siblings, so he takes up a collection of money for Juan and supports the 17-year-old in staying in school so that he might be able to take care of his siblings when he turns 18. Milton dumps Louisa for a fascinating Harvard student he meets in a coffee shop. They have a passionate one-week affair, and then she admits that she's actually a Winslow senior.

#9 Chapter Nine: Aired Monday, January 8, 2001

Police descend upon the school looking for a student who shot someone during a robbery earlier in the morning. They originally think the suspect is in Marla's class, and with cooperation from Marla and Lipshultz they apprehend the student, but it turns out the real shooter is in Lauren's class. Lauren ends up being taken hostage, and first Steven and then Harry attempt to talk the student down. Harry makes a well timed tackle and saves Lauren in time to take her dancing. During the police search of the building Milton and Lisa are discovered half naked in the basement by Kevin. Milton tries to break things off with Lisa, but is unable to. Louisa finds out that she got dumped for a student and debates turning Milton in. Scott and Lipshultz declare war when Scott shows a lack of respect for the elderly teacher, calls him a bigot and says he's going to try to get him fired.

#10 Chapter Ten: Aired Monday, January 15, 2001

Milton's relationship with Lisa makes it onto Sheryl Holt's web site, and Milton starts pushing away friends by vehemently denying it. Milton and Lisa start a Shakespeare club to cover. Marilyn discovers that one of her female students is being sexually abused by her father after the student reads a terrifyingly realistic composition aloud to the class. Scott calls a hearing to get Harvey fired. Lauren tries to defend Harvey, but begins to question whether or not she herself is a bigot. Marla is the one who ends up coming to the old man's defense, and Steven, on the advice of a student, decides not to fire Harvey as long as he goes to racial sensitivity classes. Kevin finds out that an overweight girl has been beating up the bullies that tease her, and invites her to join the wrestling team. She kicks ass in the heavyweight category and for the first time knows what it's like to have everyone cheering for her.

#11 Chapter Eleven: Aired Monday, January 22, 2001

Lauren has her hopes crushed when she finds her dream house but is turned down for a loan she needs in order to buy it. The rumor flies around the faculty that Kevin wants to ask out Marla, when it's really Marilyn he's interested in. He finally asks Marilyn, and she says yes, but not until Marla's feeling have healed. Harry starts a suicide club to get students to open up about their feelings and then decides to have a parents' workshop in order to help parents learn how to better communicate with their kids. Steven tells the cheerleading team that they are not allowed to participate in the competition they've been looking forward to because their routine is far too sexual. Milton is busted by Scott when he calls in with car trouble and then accidentally hits re-dial so that Scott overhears him having sex.

#12 Chapter Twelve: Aired Monday, February 5, 2001

Steven and Scott start questioning everyone about the rumors regarding Lisa Grier and Milton Buttle. Kevin tells Milton that he won't cover for him if he's still seeing Lisa, but when it comes down to it Kevin lies to Steven's face. Scott talks to Lisa's parents, and Lisa's father follows her to Milton's apartment where he busts them in the middle of goodbye-love-making. Milton is forced to resign. Kevin talks to Scott to try to get Milton a little leniency, and admits that he knew about the relationship. Scott fires Kevin for not coming forward earlier. Harry counsels a student who is trying to get out of a gang and is getting beaten up because of it. The student admits that he was responsible for the recent murder of a teen in an opposing gang, but swears Harry to secrecy. Against his better judgment, Harry keeps quiet, and his secrecy starts to cause a rift between him and Lauren. Christine "The Blob" Banks doesn't want to wrestle anymore after her boyfriend, Danny, dumps her. Kevin pushes her into it, and she helps the team beat an exclusive all-boys private school. She gets up the guts to address her loudly cheering fans and asks politely that they cheer for Christine, not The Blob. They comply enthusiastically.

#13 Chapter Thirteen: Aired Monday, February 12, 2001

In this crossover episode with "The Practice," Kevin, with help from his lawyer friend Ellenor and her colleague Jimmy, sues to get his job back. The case brings out issues between Steven and Scott, who find themselves fighting against each other when they should be fighting together. Steven admits that he's sorry to see Kevin go, and thinks Scott may have undermined his authority, while Scott hates always being seen as the bad guy. Kevin and his lawyers put up a good fight, but Steven's argument and the fact that the judge has a seventeen-year-old daughter of his own prevents Kevin from getting his job back. Even the fact that Lisa Grier's parents have given their blessing to Milton still seeing their daughter doesn't help. Kevin and Milton share a tearful goodbye with the other teachers. As Valentine's Day looms, Lauren and Harry are at each other's throats, especially when Lauren is at odds with an English teacher named Jenna who slept with Harry two years ago.

#14 Chapter Fourteen: Aired Monday, February 19, 2001

Six teachers resign in protest of Kevin Riley's firing and the school struggles. Marla starts to lose it when Steven throws her into teaching a math class and sings Gladys Knight songs to her students. Marla asks Steven out to dinner... not as a date. Harry has a friend, Raymond Nunn, who might be interested in teaching. Lauren is upset when she meets Raymond and realizes that Harry has never mentioned her. Harry tries hard to open up, and tells Lauren about how his father is in jail for armed robbery. Scott enters a contest to guest conduct the Boston Pops and wins. He stresses about his performance and asks Marylin for help. As Lauren predicts, when Marylin is nice to Guber he ends up asking her out and she has to politely refuse. Scott turns out to be quite a good conductor. Harvey starts having trouble remembering things. Steven finds out that one of his literature teachers disappeared last November and is rumored to be dead. Lisa Grier has been teaching his Shakespeare class. Steven and Harry find the missing teacher who isn't dead, but is tired of teaching and feels unappreciated.

#15 Chapter Fifteen: Aired Monday, February 26, 2001

Harry is still keeping the secret that one of his students, Tyronn, killed a member of an opposing gang. The issue comes to a head when Marylin is driving Tyronn home after a late singing practice and they are shot at by some kids in a car. Harry realizes that even if Tyronn turns himself in, he'll probably be killed in jail, so he advises the boy to move to another state. Lisa Grier overhears Harry discussing Tyronn's problem and assures him she'll keep her mouth shut... as long as she knows she has a friend on the faculty when discussions about transferring her or not letting her teach come up. Tyronn does try to leave town, but is fatally shot at the bus station. Scott tells Harvey he needs a checkup from a doctor since it seems like he's been forgetting and confusing things a lot lately. Scott gets an offer to conduct a symphony in Northampton, Massachusetts, but when he goes for an interview he finds himself at an empty lot after driving for two hours. He learns that Harvey set him up. A student accuses the cheerleading coach, Tina, of touching her in a sexual way during practice. Steven and Scott suspend Tina and start a big investigation before the student's parents inform them that their daughter has a history of false accusations.

#16 Chapter Sixteen: Aired Monday, March 26, 2001

Marla gets frustrated with her students' blank stares and starts sending everyone to the principal's office. Steven and Scott find out that there are some security tapes missing, and they're the ones from the girls' shower in the locker room. They not only have naked high school students, but also Lauren on them. They do a locker search to find them and instead turn up Anthony Ward's list of all the bullies he wants to kill in the school. Scott wants to expell Anthony, but after talking to the boy he realizes that he can relate to how Anthony feels and recommends the boy be left alone. An internet pornographer comes to Scott letting him know that a student tried to sell him the tapes. Scott busts the student and, when finally in possession of the tapes, finds it hard not to look at them himself. When parents complain, Harry masterfully defends his taking his suicide club too look at a teenage suicide victim at the morgue. Lauren urges Harry to open up to her about what has been bothering him. When he finally tells her about Tyronn, it's too little too late and she breaks up with him. Scott tells Steven that they really need to hire more teachers. A student steals Harvey's pants and hangs them from the flag pole. Marla and Steven go out for a pleasant dinner.

#17 Chapter Seventeen: Aired Monday, April 16, 2001

Steven's discussion with a parent not only makes him aware of cancerous fumes on buses, but reminds him that the only students he deals with on a regular basis are the trouble-makers, and his misses out on all the wonderful kids in his school. The tape of Lauren showering makes it onto Sheryl Holt's web site. Scott goes on a suspension rampage and teaches Sheryl Holt a lesson by showing her what happens when people only work within their legal boundaries instead of those of common decency. Steven finds out Harry knew Tyronn Anderson was a murderer, and Harry narrowly escapes with his job. Harry finally grieves over Tyronn. Harry and Lauren reaffirm their friendship. Harvey ragging on Shakespeare, and England in general, get him removed from Lisa Grier's Shakespeare class. Lisa finds herself saddled with Scott as a co-teacher, but after his first day in her class, even Scott has to admit that Lisa knows what she's doing.

#18 Chapter Eighteen: Aired Monday, April 23, 2001

Steven freaks out some of his students when he tries to introduce himself in the hallway. Scott is having authority issues and fires an art teacher for little reason... twice. A frustrated Marla tells her pathetic class that they're likely to be high school drop-outs and become janitors, and she makes them go outside and pick up trash. Marla is horrified when she finds out that one of her students' fathers is a janitor (and a high school graduate). Marla wants to quit but Steven convinces her not to. Harvey is having trouble finding his classroom. Harry finds out Dana Poole is stripping for extra cash. He tries to convince her to stop, but it's Lisa Grier who ends up giving Dana the best advice. Christine Banks is competing in wrestling finals, and she beats another undefeated champion only to suffer a heart attack and die shortly thereafter.

#19 Chapter Nineteen: Aired Monday, April 30, 2001

A student in Harvey's class, Kevin Jackson, refuses to take a standardized test, and when Scott hears the student's arguments as to why, he tries to recruit Kevin for his championship debate team. Lauren runs into an old student who is now 21 years old, and ends up not only sleeping with him, but dating him. Marylins thinks one of her students, Jeremy, is being both physically and verbally abused by his demanding mother, and even though social services clears her, Marylin promises to keep an eye on her. Anthony Ward says something vaguely threatening to a girl who refuses his offer to escort her to the prom, and due to his background with writing a hit list, the school superintendant wants to transfer him. Even though Steven and Scott go to bat for Anthony, the superintendant won't budge, and Anthony bids his teachers goodbye. Scott helps Lisa Grier graduate early.

#20 Chapter Twenty: Aired Monday, May 7, 2001

Lauren realizes that she's embarrassed by her relationship with Daniel not only because of his age, but because he's a former student, and that's part of the turn-on for her. Marylin is still worried about Jeremy and what his mother is doing to him, but even after she finds out that Jeremy's mother locks him in the basement as punishment, there's nothing she can do. Jeremy's mother lodges a complaint again Marylin with Steven. Steven realizes that he can't carry on a relationship with Michelle Ronning, not only because he is her daughter's principal, but because Michelle is still in therapy with her estranged husband. After Kevin sabotages the debate team during the state finals by punching out his opponent, Scott realizes that even though Kevin does show real talent, the color of his skin may also have played a part in Scott's decision to put him on the team.

#21 Chapter Twenty-One: Aired Monday, May 14, 2001

Scott interviews for the position of headmaster at Exeter Academy, and is nervous when they say they'll want to speak to some of his current co-workers. When Scott finds out he didn't get the job, he assumes Harvey sabotaged him, but he's even more upset when he finds out it was Steven's words that did it. Scott confronts Steven, who admits he doesn't think Scott is ready, but thinks Scott will eventually be a better headmaster than Steve himself. Steven also tells Scott that perhaps a small part of him didn't want to lose his cherished vice-principal and friend. Lauren discovers Daniel has photos of her from the last three years in an album, and freaked out, she breaks up with him. When he starts stalking her, she calls the polics. Harry speaks to Daniel on Lauren's behalf and Daniel denies the existence of the photo album or the fact that he's been parked outside Lauren's building for the last few nights. Lauren looks into buying a gun. Marla is upset when a senior, who is also a convicted sex offender, asks a freshman girl the prom. She warns the senior that she's keeping an eye on him even though she's respecting his privacy and keeping her mouth shut. Harry gets his suicide club online with Sheryl Holt's web site. Marylin is concerned when Jeremy Peters's grades start slipping, he starts wearing more casual clothes, and he almost seems to be doing too well. Marylin suspects something strange is going on when it seems that Jeremy's mother is missing.

#22 Chapter Twenty-Two: Aired Monday, May 21, 2001

A father wants his home-schooled son to walk in Winslow's graduation ceremony. Lauren threatens Daniel with a gun when he won't leave her alone, and then finds out from Daniel's parents that they're trying to have their son committed. Daniel's parents are surprised to learn that the stories he's been telling about dating his old teacher are true. Steven suspends Lauren from teaching her summer course for pulling a loaded gun on school property. Marylin still can't get Jeremy to tell her where his mother is, and can't get the cops to investigate either. Jeremy's mother is tied up in the basement. Marla fails a slacking senior in her class, but because he's Winslow's first Harvard acceptance, Steven gets Harvey to "review" the kid's final exam and raise his grade to a D. Scott is tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes, and is particularly demoralized from his discussion with Steven of why he isn't yet headmaster material. Scott is pleasantly surprised to receive an award from the students on graduation day. Kevin Jackson gives his class's commencement speech.

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