Season 3, Episode 58: Chapter Fifty-Eight

Aired: Monday, February 24, 2003

Rating: 7.0/10


Teleplay by Kerry Ehrin
Story by Kerry Ehrin & Brian S. Hunt
Directed by Jonathan Pontell

Also starring Cara DeLizia as Marcie Kendall

Guest starring
Tamyra Gray as Aisha Clemens
Jason Dohring as Ian Bridgeman
Andrea Bowen as Riley Ellis
Mehcad Brooks as Russell Clark
Jody Wood as Detective Danby
DeJuan Guy as J.T.
Richard Keith as Trevor James
Brian T. Skala as Kyle Moore
Matt Lutz as Devin Rickman
Christopher Aguilar as Stoughton
Kelly Smith as Melanie Freelander
Aaron Todd Kessee as Travis
Willam Belli as Mike
Darina Kotacka as Ursula
Adam Drescher as Mr. Peretti
Laurel Melograno as Mrs. Trotta
Kira Tirimacco as Mrs. Wexler
Ever Fecske as Ester Guttman
Alyssa Barron as Darla Tamyra Gray Sings Her Heart Out for 'Boston Public'

From TV Guide Online: How's this for dramatic irony: Tonight's Boston Public revolves around a closeted teen named Devon who comes to terms with his same-sex feelings after witnessing a gay bashing. There's just one problem – Matt Lutz, the actor playing Devon, is about as pro-gay as Jesse Helmes. "I think homosexuality is a sin," the conservative Christian tells The Advocate. "I think that it is a lifestyle that I don't necessarily... I think it can be unhealthy."