Season 3: Chapter Sixty-One

You should be an astronaut who does brain surgery who also likes to take ballet lessons.

Aired: Monday, March 24, 2003


Written by Constance M. Burge & Liz Heldens
Directed by Sheldon Larry

Guest starring
Tamyra Gray as Aisha Clemens
Missy Yager as Claire Ellison
Kate Norby as Joannie Hanson
Robert Katims
Lyrica Woodruff as Allison Hanson
David Larsen as Cole
DeJuan Guy as J.T.
Courtney Peldon as Becky Emerson
David Conrad as Dave Fields
Laurel Melograno as Mrs. Trotta
Kira Tirimacco as Mrs. Wexler
Stu Lynn as Kelly Curtis
Johnny Lewis as Bodhi
Derek Ray as Randy
Percy Daggs as Rob
Jason Lansing as Rudy