Season 5: Chapter Seventy-Four

I'm sorry, Mr. Harper, this is the world we live in. Good luck to you.

Aired: Friday, December 5, 2003

Rating: 3.9/7


Written by Liz Heldens
Directed by Mike Listo

Guest starring
Missy Yager as Claire Ellison
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Agent Monica Price
Helen Slater as Margaret McNeal
Courtney Peldon as Becky Emerson
Te'Amir Sweeney as Khalid Mubarek
Faran Tahir as Mr. Mubarek
Thomas Dekker as Julian McNeal
Wanya Green as Regina Washington
Louis Falk as Wilbur Stowe
Hayley Marie Norman as Lupe Jimenez
Walter Novak as Manny
Sam Gough as Jaq
Derrelle Owens as Brian
Ariana Delawari as Monique
Blue Deckert as Jim McNeal
Ritu Lal as Sabeen Mubarek
Fuschia as Barbara Darnell
Mischa Mandel as Jeff Barnum
Jake Dinwiddie as Steve Gough
David Guzzone as Joe Arnold
Shannon Marie Woodward as Marianne Karr
Joey Gray as Alex Freed
Maura Soden as Harriet Jenkins
Craig Gellis as tattoo kid
Mike Ingalls as student #1
Christopher Lee as student #2
Featured music
"Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas (opening scenes)