Quotes from Chapter Thirty

Meredith: You're also grounded. Get in the baseme... up to your room. And stay there.

Harvey: It's too cold. I can't teach when I see my own breath.
Steven: Why, does it look the way it smells?

Scott: Mrs. Parks, what a pleasure, as always, to see you. You, no doubt, have something for me to smell?

Mrs. Parks: Smell that sock!
Scott: It's a sock now.
Mrs. Parks: This is the sock of homosexuality.

Wesley: Y'know, the truth is, you was on my ass a lot back then. I'm surprised you don't remember that.
Steven: Well, over the years I've been on a multitude of asses.

Dr. Harris: Who are you?
Mrs. Parks: I have a petition, you itty-bitty bug!

Big Boy: If your son is gay...
Meredith: He can't be! He's good at sports. He simply can't be gay.

Meredith to Scott: You're going to take my hand back now, aren't you.

Steven: All right, honey, I'm going to ask you to do something that historically has been next to impossible for you to do.
Brooke: What?
Steven: Let me handle it.

Arthur Ryan: You don't strike me as a man of vengeance, Mr. Harper.
Steven: As a principal I don't think I am, but as a father....

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