Quotes from Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hand salesman: This... this is the Cadillac.

Steven: A man needs a reason to dance, Louanna.
Louanna: I disagree. There's nothing wrong with dancing for no reason.

Harvey: He's got cancer.
Harry: How do you know?
Harvey: I know some thing.
Harry: But you still treat him like crap.
Harvey: I treat all my students like crap. If I'm nice to him, he's gonna feel like a kid with cancer.

Danny: You sick? Huh? You don't look sick to me.
Debbie: So? You don't look nuts but we both know better.

Ronnie: We're not right for eachother. We laugh, we love, but... when you get right down to it I have a good body and a satellite dish and that's enough for you.

Matthew: You are going through something. You've made a drastic change of career, you're on this mad drive to perfect your life and your latest quest is to find the perfect man. I'm gonna be honest when I tell you this, Ronnie: I'm it.
Ronnie: Matthew, you are an incredible man, and I love you, I adore you, but at the risk of sounding like a heroine on a silly TV show, my heart is lonely, and I need to move on.

Debbie: Thank you, Mr. Hanson. All those people who say that teachers don't care... wish I could show them your picture.

Scott: I bought you something for Christmas, but I'm afraid it'll be overwhelming and push you away.
Meredith: Is it sexual?
Scott: No. Well, I mean, not it's intended use, though I suppose–it's not sexual.

Scott: Do you like it?
Meredith: It's... it's what I've always wanted since Tuesday.

Ronnie: When we get home I am so going to kill you.
Matthew: So, we're going home together?
Ronnie: Oh, yeah.

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