Quotes from Chapter Twenty-Seven

Guy: You wanna dance?
Lauren: Oh, thank you, no.
Guy: You sure? You look like you wanna.
Lauren: I'm a school teacher.
Guy: School teachers don't dance?

Meredith: If you could read braille you'd know how excited I am right now.

Meredith: Make love to me, Scott.
Scott: Well...
Meredith: I want you to ravage me.
Scott: It's... um... a school night.

Ronnie: I'm going to go visit the victim.
Danny: Victim. He's the victim?
Ronnie: Yes, he's the one in the hospital with a cracked skull so he gets to be the victim.

Marla: Don't ever underestimate the despair when a person feels no purpose.

Marla: A good principal, a good man, would be sensitive to that.
Steven: I'm not.
Marla: 'Cause you a fat, bald grump, that's why.

Cara: I could live with failing, I couldn't without trying.

Lauren: Most kids are destined to lead ordinary lives, Mrs. Glynne. Maybe Cara isn't one of them.

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