Quotes from Chapter Twenty-Five

Danny: Can I ask you something? You can tell me if it's a tacky question, but I really gotta know.
Ronnie: Okay.
Danny: As a laywer, how much money did you make?
Ronnie: That's a tacky question.
Danny: Well, that's not really a deterrent for me actually.

Harry: Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

Scott: I'm not sure our therapist would be happy, treating us both for isolation issues. This date could be costing him money.
Meredith: Heh heh.
Scott: I made a joke that actually received as such.

Scott: Keep your voice down.
Steven: We're alone.
Scott: Louisa listens, the little snoop.
Louisa: I heard that.

Louisa: Scott, Jeremy Peters is here. Shall I frisk him for planters?

Steven: Don't confuse insanity for leadership, my friend.

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