Season 2, Episode 36: Chapter Thirty-Six

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Aired: Monday, February 11, 2002

Rating: 6.6/10

Written by John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart & Douglas Steinberg
Directed by Mel Damski

Guest starring
Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Jeremy Peters
Cyd Strittmatter as Nicole Warner
Beth Kennedy as nurse
Edwin Hodge as Jamaal Crenshaw
Jill Noel as Randa Horst
Jessica Wright as Kyra
Victor Z. Isaac as Zach Delray
Ben Foster as Max Warner
China Jesusita Shavers as Brooke Harper
Gerard O'Donnell as Mr. Horst
Heidi Heller as Mrs. Horst
David Grant Wright as Barry Warner
Christopher Bills as Jackson Dunn
Jessica Friedman as Monica Porter
Kimberly Kevon Williams as Marsha

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What was up with Harry Senate's hair in this episode?

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