Season 2, Episode 28: Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Aired: Monday, December 3, 2001

Rating: 7.5/12


Written by David E. Kelley & John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart
Directed by David Semel

Special guest star Lynn Whitfield as Louanna Harper

Guest starring
Steven Culp as Mel Breen
Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Jeremy Peters
China Jesusita Shavers as Brooke Harper
Michael O'Neill as Dr. Bernard Colbert
Tamara Bass as Debbie Nixon
Kyle Howard as Ferris Kaplan
Todd Hurst as Marshall Fulton
Stephanie Nash as Mrs. Gwyneth Breen
James Edson as Officer Kent
Felice Heather Monteith as Officer Wallen
Leighton Meester as Sarah Breen
Trevor Wright as Walton Hanks
Anwar Burton as Hardy
Ashlee-Turner as Kai
Meghan Rose Ryan as Keesha
Bryan Jeffrey Price as Randy Weaver
Featured music
"Lean On Me," originally by Bill Withers, performed by Sharon Leal, Loretta Devine & Rashida Jones (ending song)

Kathy Baker joins the opening credits!

Sharon Leal seems to be going the way of Lisa Nicole Carson on Ally McBeal last season: she's only brought out to sing but never given a story line.

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