Quotes from Chapter Nine

Lauren: Please don't smell me.
Scott: My apologies.

Scott: You're not going to your class, Harvey.
Harvey: Why?
Scott: Because you have information I don't want the students to have, and despite the best of your intentions to remain silent, nobody can predict what will come out of your mouth, least of all you.

Harry: Dancing?
Lauren: Yes.
Harry: But we slept together.
Lauren: So?
Harry: So, Lauren, guys only dance with girls 'cause it leads to sex.

Scott: Mr. Senate, your class started ten minutes ago.
Harry: Excellent. Usually they wait until I get here.

Scott: If we have not located the suspect by the end of first period, we go to code red lockdown.
Harry: Oh, can I go get my gun?
Scott: Mr. Senate, is there anything you do not find humor in?
Harry: Your tie? Do you want to sniff my shampoo?

McGill: Who can go in there without raising suspicion?
Steven: Scott, get Lipshultz.
Scott: Give me strength.

Marilyn: Have you ever seen this place so quiet?
Kevin: No.
Marilyn: So calm, so peaceful. All because somebody's got a gun. I got a bad feeling. I don't think it's gonna stay peaceful.

Sharon: You'd make a lousy flight attendant.
Lauren: Well, that's why I teach.

Steven: You want a hostage? Son, take me.

Lauren: You almost got me killed.
Harry: Oh, that's gratitude.

McGill: I need to talk to you.
Harry: Can I change my shorts first?

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