Quotes from Chapter Eight

Milton: How old are you?
Lisa: Twenty.
Milton: Would you like to get a drink sometime?
Lisa: How old are you?
Milton: Twenty-nine.
Lisa: When will you be thirty?
Milton: Not 'til next year.
Lisa: Okay.

Milton: It'll probably turn out she took a chainsaw to her mother.
Harry: Well, now I like her.

Marla: Harvey, are you all right?
Harvey: Ooh, I think I'm gonna die. I feel so warm and fuzzy. What can do that to a person besides death?

Lisa: Are we having lunch because you want to sleep with me?
Milton: I'm having lunch with you because it's rare to find a woman these days who can recite Shakespeare.
Lisa: And you want to sleep with me.

Milton: Kevin, you know me. I'm not an implusive person. I pencil in trips to the bathroom on my day planner.

Milton: I felt more passion in the last hour than I have collectively in my whole life.

Lisa: Would you please take me home.
Milton: I don't believe this. Because I carry a condom in my wallet, you want me now to take you home?
Lisa: I meant your home.

Lisa: Is this just about sex with you?
Milton: Honestly, no. I can see you as a potential ex-wife.

Scott: I have this recurring dream... nightmare, I should say, where the students are suddenly in control.

Lauren: Hey, Juan? Do you know what one of the first signs of maturity is? It's being able to tell who your friends are. I mean, that man, he has done nothing but fight for you the last few days. Step one, stay in school, step two, trust him.
Juan: Thank you.
Harry: One of the first signs of maturity is knowing who your friends are? Did you make that up?
Lauren: Maybe.

Steven: Last day of school before vacation. What's the word for it?
Scott: Halleluia.

Gladys: You must be some teacher.
Harry: Thank you.

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