Quotes from Chapter Seven

Harry: Ahem. Well, Scott's date seems to be going well.

Harvey: You got to suspend her, Steven. She can't show teachers picking Negro boogers.

Sheryl: You haven't stopped me, Mr. Harper, you've only started a war.

Marla: This is Sheryl Holt retaliating. She's gonna start exposing our private lives.
Harvey: If you had a private life, Marla, no one would want to see.

Harry: Why do I have to discuss my politics or my private life?
Kevin: Because we're friends.
Harry: Yeah, that still doesn't mean I have to talk to you.

Lauren: Are we exclusive?
Harry: Do you want to be?
Lauren: Yeah.
Harry: Then we are.

Scott: My own brother pities me. He bought me a hooker for the holidays.

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