Quotes from Chapter Four

Harvey: Women screamed as if I were a Beatle.
Marylin: They scream 'cause it's scary when you sing.

Lauren: I wouldn't be mudslinging, Peter. I mean, you hardly looked presidential yourself in... actually, you did.

Marla: You just tell your little boys and girl not to be lampooning my ass. I took up revenge as a hobby and I'm good at it.

Harry: Well, it's just, his hours, under Regulation USAC, Section 14, Subsection 12, child welfare department of education immigration preemption doctrine Subsection 3 labor law, he's actually in violation, working school hours.

Juan: I don't want to go to school. It sucks.
Harry: Of course it sucks. It's supposed to suck. You still need a diploma. Look, every kid has to have a degree in suckhood in order to have any chance of becoming something.

Josh: So, if I made a mistake, it should cost me everything?
Steven: Well, it should cost you the Magna Award.

Steven: Quick, tell me I'm doing the right thing before I change my mind.
Scott: You're absolutely doing the right thing.

Kevin: Do you want to go out with her?
Milton: Well, yeah. She's a woman, she's breathing.... I'm going through a non-picky stage.

Lauren: Talk about blowing by an opponent. Sorry.

Juan: I want to talk about something that concerns us all. Those four little words that we all fear: pre mature ejacu lation.

John: It's not a crush, Ms. Davis, I'm in love with you.

Steven: Son, what were you thinking?
Peter: That it was my lucky day.

Marla: The boys had words. Then suddenly, one's screaming and the other's hucking out an ear like a lung biscuit.

Harry: Teaching's easy. Just use the manual.

Harry: What are you teaching about?
Juan: Ponce de Leon.
Harry: Who's he play for? Kidding.

Juan: He was a premature ejaculator. Ponce de Leon. Kidding.

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