Quotes from Chapter Twenty-Two

Lauren: This is how afraid I am, Daniel. I carry a gun now. And I am warning you, if you come near me again I might become so frightened that I act justifiably out of self-defense or I might simply panic. In either case, it won't be a good result, especially for you. So take a hint, read my lips, listen to your fear, however you process things to conform your behavior. Get your ass out of my sight and keep it out of my sight.

Isaac: I admit I was wrong.
Scott: In home-schooling your son?
Isaac: In thinking you couldn't possibly become a bigger ass. It seems I've never been more mistaken.
Scott: Your son does not attend Winslow High. Accordingly, he may not participate in Friday's commencement proceedings.
Isaac: I'll try not leave a footprint as I go over your head. I know how you are about your hair.

Kevin: Mr. Guber.
Scott: What is it?
Kevin: You seem mad.
Scott: I am angry. Mad suggests dementia, Mr. Jackson. I am angry.
Kevin: You seem mad.

Lauren: Harry Senate usually wins it, and you call that a slap too.
Scott: It is. He should be insitutionalized. Evidently you like that in a man.

Lauren: We're all a little more fragile than we used to be, Steven.

Scott: It's a trick.

Kevin: The truth is, I don't have any big message. I don't even have any dreams. A lot of my classmates, the same thing, no dreams. I think one reason for that, the idea of becoming adults, it isn't something we look forward to. We look around, we see our parents, our coaches, our teachers.... Who'd want to be them? Our parents mainly think about money, our coaches mainly think about winning, and our teachers... most of you look half-dead every day. Don't get me wrong, I admire anybody who can go to a place day after day after day tryin' to teach a bunch of us. But a lot of you are disillusioned, you don't get enough respect. Your days are too long, your checks are too small, and you get a little more dead with each passing day. And we see that, making us just a little more afraid day by day. Afraid of the future. And we got no dreams. The truth is, today's kids are disadvantaged. We didn't get to grow up with any Martin Luther Kings or Bobby Kennedys. They didn't make any Jackie Robinsons in our generation. Today's heroes, they're not presidents. Proud parents today say any kid might grow up to be Alan Greenspan. And we got no dreams. Despite all this, I'm standing up here to say there are heroes among us. Sometimes they're parents, sometimes they're classmates, like Christine Banks or Lisa Grier. Sometimes they're teachers. With me, Harvey Lipshultz. He's a bigot, but he never let me forget every day that I could be something. He took an interest in me. And Mr. Senate? He doesn't know it but he saved my life. There's been a few times I thought about just driving over that center line, but then he started the suicide club and I was too proud to join it. But just knowin' that there were other kids out there struggling with some of the same stuff I was... it helped me get by. Mr. Harper, who's here fightin' for us every day, with eyes that never go dead. When I look at him, I want to be a principal. I guess my big message for today is, heroes are in the grass sometimes. They're not always on billboards and magazine covers. You've gotta look for 'em, even when they stand right in front of you. So, do that. Let's live our lives tryin' to do that. Spot 'em, point 'em out to your kids. Maybe there's dreams out there too. And now, I'll ask all of you to applaud because I'm finished.

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