Quotes from Chapter Twenty-One

Scott: It was a joke. I only make but three a year, it's a pity to see one fall flat.

Elizabeth: I just don't know how you could give me an F.
Marla: Because that's as low as I'm allowed to go. If I could have given you a G, I would have.

Steven: One week. Between now and then, breathe deep.
Marla: You breathe deep.
Steven: I am, trust me.

Scott: Did you bury me?
Harvey: Why would I do that, Scott?
Scott: You buried me.
Harvey: Scott, I don't get many chances to get you the hell out of Winslow High. I didn't waste the opportunity.

Marla: Your son is a convicted sex offender. S-E-X O-F-F-ender.

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