Quotes from Chapter Twenty

Lauren: What are you thinking about?
Daniel: You really want to know?
Lauren: I think I do, yeah.
Daniel: When I was your student, sitting in that desk right over there, sometimes I'd fantasize... you and me, right on your desk.... That's what I was just remembering.

Harvey: They engaged in a series of debates about slavery.
Kevin: I suppose you were there.

Scott: What does it say about how you think of yourself if you were to conclude the only reason I want you on the team is because of the color of your skin? Is that how you view yourself, Mr. Jackson? Are you going to assume the role of black victim every opportunity that comes your way? Every gain, every loss, will simply be the by-product of your ethnicity? Why don't you hustle off to your favorite tattoo parlor and have "woe" stamped onto your forehead. Let me tell you, Mr. Jackson, I have no use for victims on my team, no matter what they come in. You have a talent. It's that talent I'm trying to avail myself of. Forgive me for trying to recognize it in the face of your dogged determination not to.

Marla: I know teachers are not supposed to have fun, but it is not against the law for us to smile every so often.

Louisa: He's in love.
Marylin: Really?
Louisa: Marie Ronning's mother. She came in to complain about her daughter sniffing bus fumes, now she's sniffing him.

Scott: Why are you in my office?
Steven: There's a student in my office... sent there for disciplinary problems.
Scott: And?
Steven: And I'm sleeping with her mother.
Scott: Ah, Marie Ronning.

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