Quotes from Chapter Two

Louisa: Superintendant wants to set up a meeting.
Steven: Why?
Louisa: I don't know. Could be Harry Senate shooting off a gun in class. Could be you beating up a student. Could be Marla Hendricks going crazy. Could be the Buttle cartoons. Or maybe she just wants to commend you on how smooth things run around here.

Harvey: You must harness your bosoms in order to squash the discrimination by the male gonads.

Harry: Lipschultz told them to wear their brassieres for the good of their country. Turns out they're all a bunch of communist sluts.

Marla: What does kind of message does it send to the student, you not giving me another chance?
Steven: Oh, we only send messages on the good days. Most days we just try to get through.

Harvey: Look at my knockers.

Lauren: I'm not going to be treated like a criminal just because I work on a high school faculty.

Lauren: What's wrong?
Harry: Oh, my nose, it just grew an inch.

Male student: Nice nips, Dana.
Dana: Bite me.
Male student: Time and place.

Marsha: The dragon lady? That's what people call me?
Steven: Only when you're in the room.

Kevin: What's wrong.
Harry: Nothing, just, uh, thinking.
Kevin: You never think. What's the matter?

Milton: You kissed Dana Poole. On the lips?
Harry: It just happened.
Milton: What do you mean, it just happened? You were walking down the street and tripped into her mouth?

Louisa: Hey, guys, what'd I miss?
Kevin: Ah, nothing, we're about to get Harvey drunk.
Harry: Yeah, it's a nightmare, he starts making sense.

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