Quotes from Chapter Nineteen

Daniel: Everything go okay with the car?
Lauren: Uh, yeah. I won.

Anthony: She'd be sorry, y'know, when I'm rich and famous and therefore handsome.

Scott: Mr. Senate, I need a favor.
Harry: Is it sexual?
Scott: Why must you be depraved at every turn, Mr. Senate?
Harry: It's in my character.

Harry: What are you, an idiot?
Anthony: Boy, you're good at this.

Harry: Anthony, we have a new educational policy in this country, it's called "better safe than sorry."

Daniel: Yeah, there's a really smart idea, put a twenty-four year old woman who looks like you in front of a bunch of seventeen-year-old boys and ask them to concentrate on history.

Daniel: Do you ever fantasize about your students fantasizing about you?

Daniel: I keep thinking a bell is gonna ring and you'll dismiss me.
Lauren: I don't hear any bells.

Anthony: Writing out my anger is how I deal. I'm not a dangerous person.

Marylin: Are you gonna see him again?
Lauren: Marylin, please, he's just a kid, he's still in college.
Marylin: Are you gonna see him again?
Lauren: Tonight, maybe this afternoon.

Kevin: Education ceases to be learning when the three Rs are read, remember and regurgitate.

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