Quotes from Chapter Eighteen

Scott: There is a current movement afoot...
Darren: Yes, I can feel it in my bowels.

Scott: What did you call me?
Darren: I called you a lot of things, but I finished up with "autocratic hack."

Patron: Think those are real?
Harry: Sorry?
Patron: Her titties. You think they're real?
Harry: I'm not sure. Can we discuss your hair?
Patron: Hey, I'm not ashamed to be bald for your information. I just wear a disguise when I come to these places.
Harry: Excellent. I bet in real life your teeth are straight too.

Helene Parks: Smell that shoe!
Harry: Jasmine.

Scott to Steven: Listen, I was thinking about going on a cruise, but I'm loathe to get on one of those ships alone. Would you consider going on a cruise with me?

Scott: He brandished an olive branch only to swat me with it.

Steven to Marla: When I need my pilot light relit, who do you think I look to? I need you in that room.

Minister: It's a bit clichéd to say that Christine went out on top, but that's exactly what she did.

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