Quotes from Chapter Seventeen

Marylin: Well, the good news is, you look fabulous.
Lauren: Oh, God. What now?
Marylin: Well, remember how that tape of you showering was recovered before anybody saw it?
Lauren: Yeah.
Marylin: That didn't exactly happen.
Lauren: I don't believe this.
Marylin: Try and look at the positive, Lauren.
Lauren: Which is?
Marylin: You look fabulous.

Harvey: The only reason people study Shakespeare is so they know Shakespeare, so they can walk around pretending that they're smarter then everybody else. It's arrogant. You want to be arrogant snobs, move to England, they love Shakespeare there. It's a nation full of arrogant sex-depraved perverts.

Scott: Do I look like I'm stupid, Ms. Holt?
Sheryl: Mr. Guber, if you keep asking those rhetorical questions, one day, somebody will respond, and the answer won't please you.

Steven: I can't do it. I got a mother wantin' me to fumigate buses. I got one teacher keepin' secrets that should get him fired, and another teacher who's an old senile bigot who definitely should be fired. I got a student teaching a course for which I'm going to get my ass dragged in front of the school committe, and another teacher appearing naked on a student web site. And I hear you're walkin' around suspending everybody in your path. Is that true?
Scott: It is. It's been a good day.

Lauren: You okay?
Harry: Oh, well, between us splitting up and me not owning a computer, I don't get to see you naked anymore.

Harry: All the kids are going around talking about what an incredible body you have. Did you know that?
Lauren: That I have an incredible body or that the kids are talking about it?

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