Quotes from Chapter Sixteen

Harvey: It's Harry.
Lauren: Harvey!
Harvey: You two are at odds.
Lauren: We are not at odds.
Harvey: Call me crazy then.
Lauren: Well, gee, I'd be the first to do that, wouldn't I?
Harvey: That was hurtful.

Mr. Lick: How come my name's on this list?
Anthony: Well, for the ending I wanted to blow up something really really big.

Marla: I got to bed at night thinking of some prince who's gonna swoop in and take me to some exotic island and lick champagne off my naked self. It's my romanticized version, I guess, of wonder and magic. In the real world, my prince, my magic, it's you kids. And some days, when I see your faces go dead, all the wonder just drains out of me. That's all that was happening. I'm better now.

Steven: Harvey, where are you pants?

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