Quotes from Chapter Fifteen

Harvey: She said "hung like an elm tree."
Scott: Elephant.
Harvey: Whatever.

Harry: Why were they shooting? Because you sing like Roberta Flack?

Tina: First of all, you've gotta be kidding. Second... you've gotta be kidding!

Lisa: Don't tell me what to do, Harry.
Harry: It's Mr. Senate to you.
Lisa: No, I think it's Harry.
Harry: You're a student!
Lisa: Which gives me an excuse for all the stuff I pull. What's yours... Harry?

Steven: I'm not taking her side.
Tina: Then what are you doing?
Steven: I'm covering my gigantic ass.

Juan: If we gotta be here mentally, how come you get to wander off?
Harry: I'm here, Juan.

Marylin: We can win this competition without Tyronn. You guys are awesome. So, we'll get right back into it, and we'll be great, and nobody will get gum disease from bitin' anybody's ass.

Harry: Tyronn, you need to understand... what you did, uh... I would have shouted it to the world if I wasn't absolutely convinced it would get you killed. You took a life. A life. Wherever you go you've gotta think about that. You've gotta deal with it, maybe someday take responsibility for it.

Louisa to Scott: Would you like me to make a list of all the people who don't like you?

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