Quotes from Chapter Fourteen

Jenna: With the money we get, we should get to take home a toy.

Harvey: Steven.
Steven: What?
Harvey: I resign.
Steven: Why?
Harvey: I'm a fossil.
Harry: You're just figuring that out?
Steven: Harry.

Marylin: Why are you with Harry Senate, Lauren?
Lauren: Well, why wouldn't I be with him?

Harry: Shall I vomit now or later?

Lauren: Steven, have you lost your mind?
Steven: Why does that question keep popping up?

Steven: If you want my job, Lauren, go see the superintendant, she'll probably give it to you.

Marla: Don't listen to their crap, Steven. Kevin lied to you. He had to go.
Steven: Yeah.

Scott: Teaching is my calling, Steven, but it's never been my dream. Dreams are made of sterner stuff.
Steven: That's ambition.
Scott: Up there, that's a dream. And this experienece, I think, will only make conspicuous how... how my life is utterly without song, I guess.

Lauren: Hey.
Harry: Hey.
Jenna: This is getting old.

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