Quotes from Chapter Thirteen

Steven: I understand you've had a tragedy with one of your partners and these aren't the happiest of times, but if you think you can intimidate me, not gonna happen.
Ellenor: You project nicely. You don't need to be in my face, but while you're here, look into my eyes. Do I look scared? And by the way, you're not better looking up close.
Susan: All right, enough with the chest thumping.

Lauren: Do you really think that it is appropriate to motivate your students with the message that the smart kids get the pretty girls?
Jenna: I never said that.
Lauren: Oh.
Jenna: What I said is, the smart kids get the girls with the good asses.
Lauren: Oh.

Marylin: Marla's circulating a petition.
Kevin: Great. It's nice to know I have the voice of insanity on my side.

Harry: It's just not like you to clam up.
Lauren: Well, if you think I'm clam now wait until we get into bed.

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