Quotes from Chapter Twelve

Milton: You seemed eager to ignore Sheryl Holt when I was leaping into the horse's ass. What, this is more interesting?
Steven: Yeah, a lot.

Christine: I don't want to wrestle!
Kevin: Why?
Christine: Look, I enjoyed it at first, but after awhile, rolling around the floor with a two-hundred pound sweating grunting pig who's trying to physically hurt me? The fun wears off.

Christine to Kevin: Spare me the speech, Gipper.

Christine: Please don't give me a speech. I'm ready to go bulimic on speeches. Maybe that would be a good diet. Everytime I eat, go get a pep talk from a faculty member. Then I can just spray vomit over the whole school.

Lauren: What's the matter?
Harry: Hmmm? Oh, nothing.
Lauren: You're back to not talking?
Harry: Lauren, I danced. You want me to dance with you and talk?
Lauren: Yes.

Milton: Does it matter that I love her?
Kevin: Probably not.

Harvey: Don't start with me, Marla. I'm in no mood to be started with.

Tyronn: You can't fix everything, Mr. Senate. Now I know you like to think you can, but you can't.

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