Quotes from Chapter Eleven

Harry: You do realize you'll officially be a grown-up.
Lauren: Yes. I plan to eventually drag you into adult-hood too.

Steven: Did you talk to Tina?
Scott: No, I thought I should perhaps bring you in on it since they think of me as a conservative fascist prude.

Harvey: Don't sell yourself short, Marla. You've got a lot to offer. If I were forty years younger myself... and blind.
Marla: Oh, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black.
Harvey: Why do you have to make everything about race?

Jamaal: You know, Mr. Senate? I'm gonna tell you this because I feel like we have a relationship and we can be honest and stuff.
Harry: Okay.
Jamaal: You really shouldn't try to tell jokes. You're not funny.
Harry: All right.

Joey to Lauren: You know, I suddenly remember why I left you. I was always afraid that one day you'd fall off that soapbox of yours and land on me.

Harry: I keep looking for the hope every day, forgetting the hope's supposed to be me.

Steven: It's a marathon, Scott. The ones that run it like a sprint don't survive.

Harvey: My father once told me, "If you eat alone you'll have a harder time picking off somebody else's plate."

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