Quotes from Chapter Ten

Harry: Is he doing anything with this girl?
Kevin: Are you concerned here, Harry, or jealous?
Harry: That as funny as it is evasive.

Lauren: You need to learn how to take me seriously better.
Harry: Okay. I think I'm starting to love you. That's serious.

Mr. Pierce: I don't know whether to hire a lawyer to sue you or leap across that desk and break your neck.
Mr. Lick: You'd have more success with a lawyer.

Harvey: I know I'm old-fashioned, but am I a racist?
Marla: Yes, Harvey, you are an old-fashioned racist.

Marla: Is he a nut? A big one. A racist? Probably. But he deosn't come from hate and the kids know that.
Steven: Well, a lot of bigotry here does come from hate, Marla, and his behavior helps foster it, even if it's unintentional. There's no such thing as a benign bigot.

Steven: It doesn't offend you when he says it's his job to get your black ass into college.
Student: Not really.
Steven: Why not?
Student: Because he will. That man will get my black ass into college.

Lisa: Do you feel what we're doing is morally wrong?
Milton: Well, I'm not getting the urge to call my mother.

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